1583   Reporting of Harmonics/nterharmonics

This tissue has following status: green

Proposer: Henry Dawidczak , Siemens AG



Clause: 6.4.3


Category: Issue may impact interoperability of implementations of Edition 1

Issue: The section 6.4.3 shows the use of MHAI/MHAN. I gives the impression that this is the only example of mapping of DC/Component/Harmonics/Interharmonics. That's not complete right.

Proposal: Attached is an alternative proposal for reporting of harmonics or inter-harmonics that should be added in section 6.4.3.

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Change to green 29 Sep 17 green Siemens AG
Henry Dawidczak
Changed to final proposal for balloting. 30 Aug 17 final proposal 27.09.2017 Siemens AG
Henry Dawidczak
When tissue is agreed, it can go to final proposal in the next week. 17 Jul 17 red Siemens AG
Henry Dawidczak