1447   Restriction on ENUMtypes in SCL

This tissue has following status: green

Proposer: Herb Falk , SISCONET





Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: During the 2015 IOP, there was a question in regards to the requirement of restricting the values in the ENUMType to only the values that are allowed.

Proposal: Based upon a decision by WG10, the following applies (may be clarified further)

1). If a DA object uses an ENUM for its value and is not able to be set by the SCT or via Runtime, then the ENUMType shall be restricted to the allowed values.

2). The Enums of SI and Multiplier are excluded from the shall and are not required to be restricted.

3). ICDs may choose to restrict ENUMs at a IED level as appropriate for the IED.

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Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
08 Dec 15 green ABB
Wolfgang Wimmer
Accepted with following modification of point 1:
- If an ENUM DA supports only a restricted set of values for SCT and/or for dynamic setting, the ICD/IID file shall use a special EnumType having only the allowed values.
- If the value can neither be changed by the SCT (valImport=false) nor by online services (valKind=RO) and the supported / configured value is stated in the ICD/IID file, then it may use also the standard EnumType.
If process data due to a special LN implementation will show only a subset of values, this may optionally also be documented by a restricted definition with the supported values.
04 Nov 15 final proposal ABB
Wolfgang Wimmer